Trip Reviews

Overlooking the village of Chablis, high atop the Grand Cru Les Clos vineyards before a day of wine tasting commences!

This is truly a trip of a lifetime! And I don’t say that…really ever. I’ve been to some incredible places but this trip is just so different. Not only is everything planned perfectly for you, but you have experiences not possible without Julie. We had intimate experiences with wine makers and their families and were given their private wines to drink. The food is over the top! Incredible venues and chefs like I’ve never seen! And to top it off, I can finally say I can mediatate successfully thanks to Jenni. Julie and Jenni are a beautiful unique pair of tour guides for the wine country of France and finding your inner true self! Seriously the best trip I’ve ever taken and will do it again!! – Traci B.

This was the trip of a lifetime! A perfectly curated combo of history, food, scenery, intentional meditation and wine tastings from most beautiful villages in France. I could have never planned something like this on my own! These ladies are exceptional and so was this experience. – Brittany D.

This trip was my own Eat. Pray. Love! 💕 Eat: We ate some of the best REAL food of my life. All handmade from home grown food with the realization to stop and truly ENJOY the food vs. the rushing around we typically do in our lives. PRAY: We meditated, set personal goals, and really asked questions about how to become our best selves. What is it we want out of and into our lives. When was the last time you asked yourself what makes you happy? LOVE: amazing friendships built over this experience!!! As well as the love and acceptance of who we are to ourselves. All of this was woven together through vineyards and unbelievable experiences you’d only get through this trip with behind the scene tours. I truly can’t recommend this trip of a lifetime enough!!! – Shana H.

If you take one trip this year, it should be with Jenni and Julie to wherever they may be going. You will have a truly beautiful experience, physically and spiritually. You will see the real France,, with knowledgeable life (and wine!🍷) guides. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! – Pat P.

Au revoir until we meet again France! Words cannot describe the amazing adventure I had during my visit. The absolute best food, wine, conversations, meditation, dancing, laughing so hard I cried and hanging out with my new tribe of ladies who are the most amazing women ever. Julie and Jenni, the Châteaux, vineyards, hanging out with winemakers, walking through villages and getting to experience the culture and history first hand will forever be special, this has truly been a trip of a lifetime. I am forever grateful. I can’t wait until next year! – Tiffany W.

To steal a quote from a couple of my new friends – it was my personal Eat, Pray, Love (and DRINK). We took in the beauty of France while making new friends, experiencing beautiful history, drinking fabulous wine, eating indescribably delicious food, and learning more about how to live our very best life with love, joy and abundance. It was the trip of a lifetime. I am forever grateful to Jenni Byrd Grier and Julie Murphy for taking me on this amazing adventure! – Kari B.

What a wonderful trip this was. Meeting new friends. Drinking fabulous wine. Exploring the French countryside. And continuing a journey of self discovery and gratitude. This was truly a life changing experience. I truly can’t say enough good things about it. So grateful for friends, enlightenment and finding peace in this crazy world. – Donna H.

Belle Vie was the most amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I can’t imagine a more perfect way to work on personal development while drinking wine and meeting amazing people, both in the group as well as throughout the countryside. Julie is able to bring such a personal and intimate experience as we spent time with the winemakers, learning about their processes as well as their culture. This is so beyond a wine-tasting experience that can only happen with Julie’s knowledge as well as her relationships. Jenni provides an in-depth journey into your soul, allowing the opportunity to learn and grow, to teach the art of meditation for novices as well as regular meditation practitioners. The training goes deeper than just meditation as it is about growth and understanding, opening doors that you may not have known were closed. The combination of these two amazing women provides a truly spiritual balance, and they do it in the beautiful country of France. What more could you ask for? Meeting some lovely women and knowing lifelong friendships have been formed is the piece de resistance. This was truly a fabulous experience. I knew from the onset this was a journey I needed to embark upon. Now that it’s behind me, I feel blessed for having been a part of the adventure. – Nancy K.

As someone who spends her days designing spaces for a living (thus solving puzzles) and being a mom (thus solving puzzles), I loved that this trip encouraged me to think about those very things in a different way. An appreciative way. How lucky am I that I love my job, love my husband and love the life we are living with our boys?! And how lucky that I was given a week to quietly reflect on all of those things and how I can do even more. I feel refreshed and further excited about life! To be able to weave that in with amazing architecture, intimate wine tastings and home cooked meals is a gift that Jenni and Julie gave to me. I’m truly grateful! – Carrie F.