The Belle Vie Experience

Are you craving a cultural vacation experience that awakens your mind, body AND soul? Join us in France, where we’ll tackle all three.

Imagine a carefree agenda where every detail is handled – you are responsible for no plans – your meals, wine, hotel, transportation, and itinerary are all arranged by a team with personal French connections. You’ll enjoy unforgettable dinners with wine pairings at restaurants frequented only by the locals, and in the homes of the country’s most esteemed winemaking families. You’ll taste the region’s best wines in ancient cellars surrounded by decades-old vineyards. You’ll see it all with the backdrop of the beautiful French countryside, from a perspective you can’t get on your own or with a big tour company. It’s a personalized experience with people you know and trust.

And it’s a vacation for all of your senses. While abroad, the literal and figurative distance from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine will allow you to relax and decompress in a way you can’t otherwise achieve. While experiencing the magic of another universe, you’ll be led on daily personal development journeys which will help you overcome what has been holding you back from reaching your highest peak; your best self; your ultimate personal and professional potential.

It’s truly the experience of a lifetime.

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Watch this video a previous Belle Vie trip attendee produced, capturing her beautiful experience on our May 2018 trip.